A Guide to Gateway Games

Posted by Josh Perry on

Whether you are looking to introduce friends and family members to hobby board gaming, or you are a potential new gamer yourself, it is hard to overstate the importance of selecting the right game for a budding potential enthusiast. While there are hundreds of new titles being released every year, only some of those games are a great fit for someone new to the hobby.

You may love dry, theme-less Euros, fiddly 18XX games, and complex mechanisms; but those games are as likely to turn someone off from gaming overall as a home-ruled session of Monopoly. 

We surveyed our Power to the Meeple insiders and came up with this list of 10 games most likely to help create a future hobby gaming enthusiast:

1. Codenames
2. Diamonds
3. Bunny Kingdom
4. King of Tokyo
5. Happy Salmon
6. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
7. Sushi Go!
8. Telestrations!
9. Resistance
10. Machi Koro

What are your thoughts on the list? Which of your favorites got missed? 

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