Episode 11 - GenCon 2019 Recap

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In this special episode of Power to the Meeple, Josh recaps GenCon 2019. The episode features numerous interviews with GenCon attendees about how they make GenCon their own, reviews Josh’s top ten anticipated GenCon games, and awards the Power to the Meeple Best of Show award to the best games of GenCon 2019.

Interview Time Stamps:

3:34 Alien Thinkers (www.alienthinkers.com)

5:22 Laura Siadak (www.fallenlights.net)

14:51 Raymond Chandler III (www.parallelboardgames.com)

34:56 Ryan Sliwoski (https://swstabcast.podbean.com/)

45:33 Dustin Harvey (www.facebook.com/JaggedBrushStudios)

54:57 Bailey & Eric (https://dicenights.podbean.com/)

1:13:00 Chris Masucci (https://mythicosevents.com

1:25:45 Randy Wilson

Featured Games Time Stamps:

1:04:00 Gloomhaven

1:06:10 Wingspan

1:07:08 Deckbox Dungeon

1:08:08 Marvel Champions: LCG

1:09:55 Letter Jam

1:10:40 Stephenson’s Rocket

1:20:25 ArchRavelry

1:21:29 Mandala

1:22:48 Mechanica

1:23:40 Powered by the Apocalypse

1:35:15 Mystery House

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