Episode 12 - Getting to Know The Meeple Street

Posted by Josh Perry on

Josh is joined by Mackenzie from The Meeple Street to discuss her board gaming origin story and here about her awesome work in board gaming blogging, board games in schools, and the effects of board gaming in mental health. The pair review recent plays, anticipate some coming games, and express a shared love for Stonemaier Games.

Find Mackenzie’s work at www.themeeplestreet.com


Games Featured:

Chronicles of Crime 3:25
Space Explorers 7:05
Dinosaur Island 10:20
Exit: The Catacombs of Horror 15:40
Irish Gauge 19:35
Nevada City 22:00
Isofarian Guard 25:45
Floor Plan 29:50
The Stonebound Saga 44:45
Always Green Gardens 44:45
Empty Space 45:35
Zombicide 1:02:55
Scythe 1:09:10

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