Episode 2 - A Big Meeple Welcome to Matt Franz

Posted by Josh Perry on

In this episode of Power to the Meeple Josh is joined by Matt Franz of Cardboard Carnage to discuss recent plays of Port Royal, Raiders of the North Sea, Tsuro of the Seas and Evolution. Matt and Josh look forward to Star Wars: Outer Rim, learning to play Dungeons & Dragons 5E and the upcoming con season.

Matt tells us all about his role on Cardboard Carnage and breaks the news of his upcoming liveplay podcast of Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Josh learns Matt’s board game origin story and the pair discuss Dominion, one of Matt’s favorite board games before Matt is subjected to the Board Games/Sports Crossover Quiz.

To learn more about Matt Franz and Cardboard Carnage head over to www.cardboardcarnage.com.

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