Episode 6 - Teaching & Demoing Games featuring Tim Virnig

Posted by Josh Perry on

Josh is joined by Tim Virnig, board game ambassador and overall good dude, for some adult beverage talk before discussing recent plays of Gearworks, The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, Clank!, Splendor, Takenoko, and Passing Through Petra. The pair continue the fun and excitement as they explore upcoming releases of The North Sea Epilogues, Scythe Modular Board, Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, and Rurik: Dawn of Kiev.

In this episode’s featured segment we learn about Tim’s role as a board game ambassador for Thunderworks Games and receive a lesson on demoing from the master himself. Make sure to stay tuned for Tim’s tips on getting involved in demoing games yourself!

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  • Thanks for the kind words Kyle. Really great to have you and Tim on in rapid succession. I think it goes a long way toward helping folks out who may be interested in building a local scene or just to start giving back to the hobby. Thank goodness for good dudes like the two of you who have the time and energy to pour into making our hobby better.

    Josh Perry on
  • Long time listener, first time commenter. I loved the segment on game demos. Being the head of a game group gives me ample opportunity to teach new games weekly. The skills needed to do such is only sharpened through practice. It was especially interesting to hear some more pointers and tips on teaching in the setting of a gaming convention when you are giving a game demo. Thank you Tim and Josh for a wonderfully entertaining episode.

    Kyle Delgado on

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