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Some of the great memories of my early life come from family game nights. Whether that was playing Monopoly by myself as a child (I had few friends, what do you want?), gathering with my dad & cousins to play Hearts while watching the nutty professor, or getting together with my extended "family" to play Axis & Allies gaming will always make up some of my most vibrant memories from early childhood and my teenage years.

I still enjoy family game night with my wife today. It's considerably more enjoyable to interact and stretch our brains than to sit down and watch a movie or stare at our phone screens while we're in the same room together.

In an era where the average American family spends only 37 minutes  of undistracted time together per day there is certainly room for gaming to make the most of that time, or to even push toward increasing it.

To find games that are a great fit to play with families I turned to our loyal Power to the Meeple social media followers, who helped us identify this list of 10 Games for Family Game Night.

Click through the link above for full details, but to summarize our friends identified these ten games:

1. Rhino Hero
2. Click Clack Lumberjack
3. Outfoxed!
4. King of Tokyo
5. Potion Explosion
6. Love Letter
7. Sushi Go!
8. KingDomino
9. Forbidden Island
10. Machi Koro

What are your thoughts on the list? Which of your favorites got missed? 

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