Rallyman GT

  • $37.49

A GT version of the classic rally game by Jean-Christophe Bouvier, Rallyman GT is a Roll and Move racing game that will have players pushing their luck to be the first over the finishing line.

The base mechanics of Rallyman GT are simple.

Each player has 6 Gear dice, representing the gears of their car. To move, players must roll their Gear dice, each one allowing them to move 1 space along the track.

The dice must be rolled in ascending and/or descending order, and each die can only be rolled once per turn.

You also have Coast dice that allow you to maintain your current speed, which can help you wring a few extra movements out of your turn. If there’s a sharp corner coming up, you can use Brake dice to drastically reduce your speed, but beware, they also make your manoeuvres more dangerous…

Each die has a certain number of Warning symbols. If you get 3 in one roll, you’ll spin out! Losing control of your car will lose you time and distance, and even causing damage to your vehicle!

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