Piepmatz - Little Songbirds

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A beautiful sunrise rises over the garden and dips the bird feeder in golden light. In the trees all around the birds wake up and tune in to their chirping. A chaffinch flutters up and sits tentatively on one of the free places at the bird feeder. A sparrow and a bullfinch join peacefully ... 
But also blackbird, green finch and yellowhammer are hungry! And off he goes, the fight for the best feeding place. Smaller birds join forces to compete against the big boys and then quarrel about who is allowed to occupy the vacant space. It is picked and hacked and no one notices how the next danger threatens from the forest: Squirrel and crows know the bird feeder too.

Piepmatz - Little Songbirds is a small card game with amazingly deep draft. Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback have created a game for two to four players, ages 10+, that fits perfectly in our series "Big Game in a Small Box". Players use their hand cards to influence the chaos of the bird feeder and thus try to get grain cards, bird pairs and as many birds as possible. At the same time, they must be careful not to collect squirrels and crow cards, as they will scare away the small songbirds or feed them away.

Piepmatz - Little Songbirdsoffers players the opportunity to actively participate in the event at the feed house. In his turn, a player must send one of his cards to one of the queues to the coveted feeding grounds. If the total strength of the waiting birds exceeds that of the bird at the feeding place, it is expelled and moves to the active player's collection. Before that, however, he takes one of the coveted points cards in the form of grains. Then the strongest bird in the queue takes the place at the feed house. However, if the waiting birds are still stronger, this will trigger a chain reaction, as they also expel this bird from the feed house,

The game ends after about 30 minutes. Those who have diligently collected point cards, pairs of birds and the majority of the various bird species, get neat points. And whoever has the most of them wins.

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