Clinic: Deluxe Edition - Extension 3

Clinic: Deluxe Edition - Extension 3

  • $37.99

After the serious and realistic expansions of The Extension and 2nd Extension, which may have made you question whether Clinic Deluxe Edition is a game or a second job, perhaps we should head off to the periphery, and explore those edge cases? That is what you can find in this latest offering.

You will encounter smoking in your clinic, you’ll take a helicopter ride, you’ll avoid ghosts and dog poop, and shrill fire truck sirens will brutalize your ears. Perhaps you will even comply with the new construction guidelines proposed by the mayor’s new team.

Should you grab a last-minute gift from the gift shop to cheer up a psychiatric patient? Above all, you should keep a close eye on the temps, and carefully monitor this new “air conditioning” system. We wouldn’t want anyone to have an accident, would we?

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