Pathfinder (2E): Lost Omens Gods and Magic Hard Cover

Pathfinder (2E): Lost Omens Gods and Magic Hard Cover

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No fantasy setting is complete without a pantheon of powerful deities for its characters to worship or fear. Whether you're a sneaky rogue asking the god of thievery for a blessing on your next heist or a valorous crusader calling the might of your patron down upon the forces of evil, faith and the forces behind it are key to every character's identity. Within this volume you'll find details on the gods and non-deific faiths of the Age of Lost Omens from the perspective of their clergy and lay worshipers. You'll also discover new domains, feats, and spells to customize your character, and an exhaustive index of hundreds of deities from the Pathfinder setting you can worship (and the mechanical benefits of doing so).

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