Dice Hospital: Community Care

Dice Hospital: Community Care

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This expansion brings a solo mode and 3 brand new modules to Dice Hospital, City, Maternity, and Investments. Add each of these expansions separately or combine them for the most epic Dice Hospital experience yet. 

In The City Expansion, you'll collect patients (represented by dice) from the streets of the city, bringing them into your hospital.

Make sure to bring the patients that are in the most need of treatment to gain bonus tokens and earn the right to use the brand new helicopter with its special ability!

In The Maternity Expansion, your hospital is equipped to facilitate the miracle of childbirth. ​

Work towards special new end-game objectives that bring in big rewards for your hospital but try to keep the mothers and babies in your hospital on separate wards to your regular patients or they might get sick too!

In The Investments Expansion, you'll upgrade your hospital to better treat your patients.

You'll gain endless new customization options,​ but you'll also have to deal with more patients than ever before!

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