Expedition to Newdale

Expedition to Newdale

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Your hands are dirty, the back is aching and the clothes are sweaty, but your work for today is finished! The new mill looms proudly in front of you and the soft groaning and fluttering of the blades sounds like a choir of angels in your ears. Soon the golden wheat of your fields will be ground to valuable flour which will earn you a fortune. Or maybe… building a bakery sounds even better! You could bake bread and buns from the flour and increase the value of your goods even more. And while you are thinking about it, you remember that there was a village, only about a mile away, which was literally begging for a bakery. The plan starts to form in your head and tomorrow seems to become another busy and exhausting day.!

Expedition to Newdale is the new Oh my Goods! game from renowned designer Alexander Pfister. In this board game adaption of the successful card game, 1 to 4 players from 12 and up compete in different chapters to experience the world of the Longsdale kingdom once again. The story of Expedition to Newdale starts about 5 years after the events from Oh my Goods! Escape to Canyon Brook, but you don’t need to know the prequels at all. Each chapter of the game lasts about 90 minutes which adds up to around 12 hours of exciting campaign gameplay. And when you found your favorite chapter while playing the campaign, you can always come back and play it again to have even more fun!

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