Final Girl Series 2: S2 Collection Booster Kickstarter

Final Girl Series 2: S2 Collection Booster Kickstarter

  • $175.00

This listing is for the Collection Booster PLUS pledge from the Final Girl Series 2 Kickstarter. This package includes:

  • Series 1 Storage Box
  • Replacement Trays
  • Series 1 Correction Pack
  • Series 2 Booster Box
  • Series 2 Lore & Scenario Book
  • Series 2 Minis Box
  • Series 2 Vignette Film Box - Terror From the Grave
  • Series 1 Vehicles Minis
  • Series 2 Vehicles Minis
  • Terror From the Grave Minis
  • Terror From Above Minis 

The highly-thematic and highly variable horror game for one has returned!

Step into the shoes of the girl of your choice and move, search, and fight your way to victory by eliminating the killer and surviving the night.

Prepare to square off against all new horrifying killers like The Evomorph, The Organism, The Intruders, The Big Bad Wof, The Ratchet Lady, and Zombies in iconic locations like The USS Konrad, Station 2891, Wingard Cottage, Storybook Woods, and Wolfe Asylum

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