Fine Sand

Fine Sand

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You are at the beach during your vacation. Everything is peaceful and in harmony. Out of a pure love of life,you start to build a sand castle. Wait...What are your neighbors doing? Everywhere, sand castles rise up. But it was you, who wanted to build the best, highest, biggest sand castle. Suddenly, everybody is in the middle of a competition.

Everybody builds with the materials on hand. Who will deplete all their materials and win the sand castle competition? Every player for themselves, and all against each other, that‘s what‘s going on here!

Deck building is over! Fine Sand is Deck Deconstruction!

Fine Sand uses the Fable Game TM System introduced in Fabled Fruit: In addition to a stack of starting cards, each player receives a presorted stack of Fable cards. With these cards, your card stack is changed from game to game, and new mechanics will emerge as well! Continue to play, or reset and play the game again with the same or different groups. Fine Sand also includes an addictive solo campaign!

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How to Play from The Dicey Review:

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