Hero Realms: Dragon Boss Deck

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Welcome to Thandar, a place when you can get anything, including killed.

With the Ruin of Thandar campaign deck due out any time now, we turn our attention from the Cult of Ruinos, to the huge dragon that circles the nearby Kamekrian Mountains, or the evil Lich that dwells in the catacombs of the sacred Mound of Fallen Kings.

Let’s talk about them, shall we?

First of all, there’s one huge difference between the Ruin of Thandar campaign and the Boss Decks. You don’t actually need a human to control the Ruin of Thandar, since all of the decision-making is predetermined by the fall of the cards. (Having a human run it is quite fun though, but you don’t need one. You could put a cat there.)

However, you will need a player to control the Dragon and/or Lich, since they will have to make their own decisions, such as: Which player to kill first? When to order the Victory Pizza? These are important questions!

Of course, the Boss has treasure, and the players will risk death (and worse) to get it.

Each Boss deck plays similarly, but also has its own unique rules. The Boss Deck experience requires multiple players. One for the Boss, and at least 3 players to play victi…err…Heroes.

Play flows much like in the Ruin of Thandar. Players will line up around the Boss (positioning counts), and the Boss will take a turn, then each player will take a turn in clockwise order.

But that’s not all! You can also play Boss vs Boss! When a Dragon pokes its head into the lair of a Lich, anything can happen! The rulebooks have specific rules to handle such a terrifying scenario!

While the basic mechanics of the Boss fights are similar, they are very different experiences.

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