Magic: The Gathering: Core 2019 Bundle

Magic: The Gathering: Core 2019 Bundle

  • $31.99

The grand daddy of all CCG's, Magic: The Gathering. Take on the role of a powerful wizard, a planeswalker, in a battle for glory, conquest and knowledge. 

In Magic: The Gathering players build a deck of cards and duel against an opponent's deck. The first player to reduce his opponent's life counter to zero is the victor.

The Core 2019 Bundle is a great starting point for a new player or a base set of the new cards for an experienced player.

This Core 2019 Bundle includes:

  • Player's Guide
  • Core Set 2019 Box
  • 10 Core Set 2019 Booster Packs
  • 80-Card Basic Land Pack
  • Spindown Life Counter

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Introduction to the Magic: The Gathering System from Roll for Crit:

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