My Farm Shop

  • $24.99

It not an easy task to make a living selling the goods from your own farm – especially if the competing farmers try to do the same thing. In My Farm Shop players compete with their personal Farm Shops, represented by upgradeable player boards, which they set up in the market. Each round the active player rolls 3 dice. They then select 1 die to determine which upgrade they get this round. The sum of the remaining 2 dice triggers one action of the farm shop – this happens for all players. While players receive goods each turn, the efficiency of their harvest need to be improved with upgrades during their active turns. Harvested goods are then sold on the market and whoever earned most money wins.

My Farm Shop combines its unusual theme with an easy to grasp dice mechanism that allows for interesting choices each turn and keeps all players involved throughout the game.

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    Overview from Pegasus Spiele:

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