Pitchstorm: NC-17

Pitchstorm: NC-17

  • $10.99

An XXX expansion for Pitchstorm: No one 17 and under admitted. For the fans of dirty and/or offensive cards. This deck is stuffed full of inappropriate content that you should never show your family (unless your family is super cool).


Pitchstorm is a party card game that puts players in the position of unprepared writers pitching movie ideas to the world's worst executives.

During each round, one player acts as the executive, and everyone else attempts to pitch them movie ideas based on a character card and a plot card. At some point during each pitch, though, the executive may add a note card to the pitch and force the writer to add some really terrible new elements to their movie.

At the end of the pitches, the executive chooses which movie they liked the best, with that person scoring a point, then the game continues from there.

In groups of 6-12, players split into teams of two and must work with a partner to pitch their movie. This also means that there are two executives, and each of them gets to play a note card onto the pitch, leading to some pretty ridiculous movies.

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