Tsuro: Phoenix Rising

  • $32.00

Vengeful gods have stolen the stars from the night sky. Soar as a magical Phoenix, restoring light and hope to this darkened world! In Tsuro: Phoenix Rising, you’ll glide through the sky by placing, rotating, and flipping Tsuro tiles to transform glowing lanterns into brilliant stars.

Beware! Other players may lead you in the wrong direction—or off the board entirely—but as a Phoenix, you may rise from the ashes and return to a strategic position! Navigate your way wisely to light a new constellation of seven stars and restore the balance to Tsuro—the path of life!

In Tsuro: Phoenix Rising, two to eight players each control an agile Phoenix. Each turn, you will create a path in front of your pawn, either by placing a new tile or by flipping and rotating the tile in front of you. Following your path, you will transform Lantern markers into Star tokens to score them, and you’ll then choose the locations of new Lanterns. As a Phoenix, you have the power to Rise From The Ashes once per game. Use this ability to return in a strategic position that will allow you to score multiple stars! The player who collects a constellation of seven stars—or is the last Phoenix in the sky—wins the game!

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